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Need Direction and Guidance


We provide in-depth readings for those who are looking for guidance within their home/love/work/finance. The path we choose to walk on is not always easy and sometimes we find ourselves needing just that little bit of extra help and clarity.


If you are looking to move / make changes or have some deep concerns surrounding the home you live in. We will be able to provide you with clear insight through our psychic work enabling you to restore balance and tranquillity within your home life.


If you are feeling emotionally confused over a relationship or there is a person you would like to know more about. By providing us with their first name we will be able to tell you whether this person is the ‘one’ for you or whether vital steps is needed to keep the relationship alive and free from negativity or misunderstandings. Looking for new friends or romance - scroll down to the bottom of this page for more details or click here.


If you are feeling dissatisfied with your job and would like to change direction, or perhaps you are going through some difficulties at work and would like to gain insight as to how you can restore the balance. Our readings will provide you with an in-depth look into your given situation, helping you to gain back the control in this area.


If you are finding yourself in a tricky situation with your finances and would like some help to ease the burden that you are in. Using a combination of the Tarot, Clairvoyance and if need be Mediumship we will help to provide you with clear steps on how to get your finances back under control.

If you would like to have a telephone reading with one of our readers why not read their profile first and then ring 01634 253 105 and we will arrange for you to have a reading with your chosen reader.

If you would like to read our readers profile first - click here


If you would like to make some new friends or are looking for someone to share your life with - we have introduced a friendship service which will allow you to search free of charge for people who have similar interest to yourself. All you need to do is log on - it is free to join and start searching immediately.

This service also gives you the chance to upload a photo of yourself, read people's profile, search for people in your chosen area. It even offers you a facility to send messages to each other and much more.

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