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About Us

Hello and welcome to Heart 2 Heart

We offer clairvoyant, mediumship and psychic tarot readings via the telephone from various readers who will be online throughout the day and evening. You can ring us on 07910405573.


We are currently looking for people who can either read the tarot cards, who possess clairvoyant or mediumship skills to take calls from clients over the telephone and provide them with a spiritual guidance reading.

This role will be worked from home.

You must have one or more of the following skills:

1. To be able to read Tarot Cards
2. Have mediumship skills.
3. Have clairvoyant skills.

All candidates applying must have at least one year's experience working within one of these fields.

All successful candidates must be able to demonstrate that they can read and give guidance confidently over the telephone.

All candidates applying will be asked to do two mini readings which will be assessed for the following areas:

1. Clear speaking voice.
2. Confident and able to provide spiritual guidance.
3. Providing accurate and indepth readings.
4. Leaving the client reassured and confident after the reading has come to an end.

Earnings are based on how many readings you do. A thirty mins reading will give you a payment of £6.60.

If the client wishes to extend their reading, which they can do so for an extra 15 mins, those extra 15 mins will be paid to you at a higher rate, giving you an additional payment of £3.75. Therefore, your pay for the entire reading would actually be £10.35. We do not believe or encourage our readers to keep the clients on the phone for 'as long as possible'. There may well be times, when the client needs just that little bit more time.

You can choose the hours you wish to work as we are flexible and this can be done during the day, afternoon, evening or night.


All wages will be paid fortnightly upon receiving a form each Monday morning. A batch of these forms will be sent out to you, which will enable you to list each client’s name and the amount of time you’ve spent with each one.

This form will be used to pay your wages. Please ensure that you send your form in regularly otherwise a delay in doing so will result in you not receiving your full wages during a set pay day period.

All payments paid to you will be based on a self employed basis therefore you will be responsible for declaring your income to the Inland Revenue and for the payment of Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions.


If a reader is unable to work in the first instance a telephone call must be made to the office notifying their unavailability for work.

If planning to take some time off from work a week’s notice must be given beforehand. This will enable the office to organise a replacement during the requested period of leave.

If you are unable to form a ‘link’ with a client within 5 minutes of the reading taking place could you please refer the client back to the office. Please note that this will not count as a reading.


Due to the media fascination on whether psychic services are genuine or not they often use mystery shoppers which then gets publicised in a national newspaper.

Therefore Heart 2 Heart has decided that from ‘time to time’ we will test our own readers through a mystery shopper who will appear as a client. You will not know that you are being tested and will be paid in the normal way. This is to purely monitor how we come across to our clients and to ensure that we provide a first class service.

N.B. Each payment Heart 2 Heart receives from a client who purchases a reading £1 will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.




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