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Psychic Readings
Book Online £18.50 (30mins)
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All our readers provide spiritual guidance which will be given from the heart and through the mind.

If you would like to have a telephone reading with one of our readers why not read their profile first and then ring 07910405573 or you can apply online and we will arrange for you to have a reading with your chosen reader.


I have had the pleasure of working with spirit for the past 12 years one way or another. I am a spiritual healer as well as working holistically. I am intuitive, empathic and non-judgemental with a wealth of life experiences. More Details>>


An intuitive Clairvoyant, Medium and psychic tarot card reader who combines her work with clairvoyant and mediumship skills. Her reading will inspire you whilst leaving you with the knowledge and belief that balance and tranquillity can be achieved once again in your life. More Details>>


I am an experienced Tarot Reader and enjoy helping people who need clarification in different areas of their life. For relationships I can do a Celtic Cross which is tailored to zoom in on what's really going on. I can also do a compatibility spread for him/her, mother/daughter, father/son, etc.  If you prefer to ask another type of question, I will choose a suitable spread. More Details>>


I come from a long generation of gifted people. I am a psychic and clairvoyant and have the ability to use my clairvoyance with feeling, hearing, and divine knowing of spirit. I am a Medium, but I must disclose that I cannot demand spirit to come through if they are not ready to, I promise to always do my best to connect with them. Spirit will somehow find a way of getting a message through to you at the right time. More Details>>

Credit / Debit Card Readings - 07910405573
An in-depth 15 minute reading costs £12.50 and an in-depth 30 minute reading costs £20.00. We are now offering a 20min reading at £15.00 or a 40 min reading for £25.00 and a 45 min reading for £27.50. Our readers will always tell you when the reading has come to an end. Should you wish to continue after that you can opt for an additional 15 minutes which will cost £12.50.

Once the reading has been purchased we will tell the reader you will be calling them and will give you their telephone number to ring which will be a 0845 number (calls are based on a low cost national rate call).

If you do not feel that there is a link with your reader within the first five minutes you will have the option to have your reading done by another reader or we can refund your money in full.

Heart 2 Heart will ensure that all readers are tested before coming onboard and will be given a handbook containing certain rules when liaising with clients over the telephone.

Book Online - Pay Less
If you book online - you will be able to have a 30min Reading for £18.50.

Email Readings - £16.50
We are now offering psychic readings via email. Each reading cost £16.50 . You can ask up to four questions. You can book your email reading via online click here or by contacting us on 01634 253 105.

Once you have booked your email reading with us we will ask you what area(s) you would like us to focus on. Although, you will not be able to choose the reader, we will let you know which reader did your reading.

Alternatively, if you would like a specific reader to do your email reading you can scroll down to the readers profile and book online or ring us on 01634 253 105. This particular service will cost £18.50. You can ask up to four questions.




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